Plus One.

Washed the sheets, dried the sheets, made the bed. Well, technically the hubby transferred the sheets from the washer to the dryer and brought them upstairs because he helps out with so many things since he is awesome like that. Honestly, he does a lot more housework than I do and works a lot harder than I do. I love him!

Today, I have my load of laundry washed, and it is running in the dryer now. I still need to bring it upstairs and fold it.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I am going to take the plunge and add another thing to my to-do list. This scares me because I don’t want to rush this process. If I rush it (which I have before), I feel as though I will fail.

However, the thing that I am going to add is a big one, and probably the thing that I struggle with the most: going to bed on time. My thoughts behind adding this now even though I have not yet completed one full week (or even three full days) of goal number one are that 1) Monday is a new day to a new week, so it will be good to start fresh, and 2) I feel like conquering this biggie will set me up for a lot of success in many other areas including getting up earlier and getting more accomplished because I will feel more rested.

So, my plan is to set the alarm on my phone for 9:45 p.m., go upstairs and get ready for bed (brush teeth, wash face, change into jammies), be in bed by 10:00 p.m., read and/or hang out with the hubby for 30 minutes, lights out by 10:30. I will start at 9:30 if I want to take a shower at night. I will not set an alarm for the morning yet, but I think that my body will naturally start waking up earlier as I catch up on sleep.

Things that might cause me to fail: my children not going to bed on time, some sort of unforeseen event, my husband wanting to talk/hang out longer than anticipated, my own bad choices of wanting to play on my phone or keep reading. But, this is my new goal, so I am going to work very hard to keep to it. I will update you on how it goes.

Wish me luck!


My Keurig Helps Me Do More Things

My husband bought be a Keurig for my birthday, and I swear that just having it in the house helps me do more things. I see it, and it motivates me to work hard because I am thankful that I have it.

Other things I am motivated by: taking a shower, doing laundry (which is why I figured I would start with that as my week 1 goal), and organizing some small area of my house. What about you? What sorts of things motivate you to get out of a particular slump that you are in? Whatever it is, I would encourage you to find that thing and then do it/use it before beginning your daily goals, whether that is 1 goal or several. Even though I am new to making myself do the things, I do know that our bodies thrive on routine–I’ve read this, and I have experienced it in my own life. Find your thing. Then do the things.

So, did I accomplish my task of completing one load of laundry yesterday? Yes, from start to finish. However, because I had laundry in the wash and dryer, I actually folded two other loads of laundry as well. One thing I don’t want to do throughout this process is to push myself so that I burn out. But in order to get that one load of laundry done, I needed to get the other loads out of the day. From here on out, I will only do one load of laundry a day as a part of my goal.

Also, I figured out that if I need to finish the laundry by the time my husband gets home, I need to start the laundry at 4:30 p.m. at the latest. One of the things I really struggle with in my procrastination is a sense of time. I had to make myself think, “Okay, it takes 30 minutes to wash a load and an hour to dry. Plus I need about 20 minutes to fold the load and put it away. Working back from 6:30, and building in an extra 30 minutes just in case (read: I have toddlers), I need to start the laundry by 4:30 at the latest.” Today is Saturday, so my husband is already home, but I am still going to make it a goal to get the laundry going by 4:30.

And now… the proof that I actually did the laundry yesterday:


The dirty, stinky laundry needing to be washed, dried, folded, and put away. Ew.


The nice clean clothes, sitting on my bed waiting to be folded and put away!


Folded. Well, some of them. I fold them in sections: mine, my husbands, the kiddos.


All done! And, no, I did not just move the laundry off the bed. I know that you all were thinking that…

So, today’s goal: Another load of laundry. Specifically, I am going to wash our sheets because they have been needing it.

Ah, falling to sleep in a nice clean bed tonight will definitely be a good reward for completing my daily goal!